Top 5 Health Benefits Of Tantric Massage

Aside from its erotic and intimate nature, tantric massage has a profound effect on your mental and physical health in ways that you won’t even have realised.

The benefits continue long after your massage has ended with improvements to your sex life, muscle recovery and sleep patterns.

So, here are 5 health benefits of tantric massage.

Reduce muscle pain and recovery

This is true of most massage services - the increased blood flow provides muscles with additional oxygen. The positive implications of this are plentiful:

  • Muscle temperature increases to improve muscle fibre elasticity and flexibility
  • Relaxing muscles will rectify broken posture
  • Reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Injuries that have suffered swelling receive enough circulation to redirect excess fluids towards glands and out of the body

Whether you need a boost in athletic performance or just general TLC and recovery, tantric massage can provide better recovery faster.

Improved sexual health

Understanding your own body through touch can completely change your intimate relationships outside of massage sessions. Exploring parts of your body that you didn’t even know existed for pleasure allows you to better understand yourself and others through tactile experience.

Premature ejaculation

Many holistic therapies don’t target the pelvic floor, which is where muscle tension builds and has the potential to trigger premature ejaculation. Tantric massage, on the other hand, improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation to the genitals and reduces stress in the areas that matter most.

Erection control

Tantric-Taoist breathing techniques redirect the energy of orgasm throughout the whole body. The goal of breathwork is to gift back control over your arousal so as your sexual experiences outside of tantric massage are fulfilling.

Improved mental health

Body to body physical touch with another person releases dopamine and oxytocin, which are responsible for pleasure and arousal. With the majority of tantric massage services involving intimate contact with one or more bodies, tantric practices are perfect for boosting dopamine and oxytocin.

These hormones have direct effects on:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep quality

Treating stress and trauma

People with psychological stresses around sex can find a caring and professional space in tantric massage to release their unprocessed trauma. This could stem from:

  • Problematic upbringings
  • Sexual and physical abuse
  • Illness

If traumas are deep-rooted and unresponsive to conventional treatments, tantric massage can offer a more direct solution.

Healthier brain and immune system

Services such as Indian head massage can have direct impacts on neural pathways that dictate the strength of your immune system.

Cerebrospinal fluid

Massage increases the circulation of cerebral fluids. Factors such as stress in the neck and head can cause headaches and migraines if cerebrospinal fluids are not well-distributed. By releasing this tension, massage can effectively combat migraines in ways that medication or other treatments cannot.

Boosted Immune System

Cerebral fluids can also improve your immune system’s function:

  • Prevents bacteria and viruses from entering the brain
  • Creates a pathway between your blood and your brain
  • Sends glucose to the cerebral cortex, providing energy for your neurotransmitters

Releasing such essential fluids through specialist massage will therefore have your brain and body functioning at their peak.

Skin antioxidants

Nuru massage uses a slippery gel that exfoliates your full body, leaving the skin moisturised and supple.
The nori seaweed extract mixed with botanical extracts forms the heated gel which is rich in antioxidants, providing a host of health benefits:

  • Anti-aging benefits - Breaks down collagen and erases lines and wrinkles
  • Skin repairs itself - Reduce inflammation to boost the skin’s renewal process
  • Brightens skin tone - Prevent abnormal skin pigmentation and eliminate dark spots

The focus of tantric massage is traditionally on mindfulness, but the mental and physical improvements make the experience wholly worthwhile in both the short and long term.