How to Prepare for a Tantric Massage

For experienced tantric massage enthusiasts and newcomers alike, the process of booking a massage is quick and easy. However, no matter your experience level, it can always be beneficial to get a reminder of how to prepare for your session. If you have already decided on an erotic massage with one of our beautiful masseuses or you are considering delving into our world of sensual pleasure for the first time, we have some tips to maximise your experience that starts with the preparation. 

By preparing thoroughly, you will reap all the benefits that our services deliver, whether they be sexual, physical or mental. You will get more out of your experience by following these tips and your chosen massage therapist will be able to deliver the full potential of her sensual skills to your mind and body. 

Choose the Right Service for you

At Tantric X, we offer a lot of services that cater for different preferences and have unique benefits. Choosing the erotic massage service that offers the most value to you is vital for this reason. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to have a read of our service pages and other blogs to select the service that best suits your needs. 

As an example, our Indian head massage can stimulate your brain’s neural pathways and boost your immune system. On the other hand, Nuru massage uses an exfoliating gel on your whole body that exfoliates the skin and provides anti-aging benefits. You can see from these differences just how choosing the right massage service at the start can make the difference for your health and satisfaction by the end of your session. If you would like to discuss your personal needs and the benefits you are looking to receive from an erotic massage, please contact us for advice on which sensual service is best for you. 

Hydrate Before your Session 

It is inevitable that you will sweat to some extent during your session, so you will lose water weight throughout. This makes hydration crucial to preparation, especially for some of our more active massages such as body to body. Drinking plenty of fluids beforehand will allow you to feel refreshed by the end of your session instead of dehydrated. 

For tantric massage services that target your skin such as Nuru, this is especially important. Due to the Nuru gel exfoliating your skin, your skin will naturally release antioxidants. Your body’s water content is effective at flushing out the body’s toxins as they surface during the course of the massage. Therefore, being hydrated going into your session will maximise the benefits to your skin. 

Take a Hot Shower or Bath Beforehand 

Showering before an intimate tantric massage is good practice for hygiene regardless of its other benefits. Due to the close contact that you will have with your chosen massage therapist, it is within everyone’s best interests that a standard of hygiene is maintained. If you think about how you would expect your masseuse to prepare for a new client, you should try to offer the same courtesy. 

If you have a hot shower beforehand, you will feel the benefits at the start of your massage session too. By raising the temperature of your muscles, they will be looser and more supple for receiving treatment. For massage services that target muscular pains, your masseuse will need to spend less time warming up your muscles. This means that you spend more time exploring your intimate connection together during your booking. 

Wear Loose Clothing

We aim to make each booking as comfortable and seamless as possible for you, which is made easier when you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If your massage session will involve removing items of clothing as you go, loose-fitting clothes will be easier for your masseuse to remove and make the experience as fluid as possible. 

However, if you will be keeping some items of clothing on, it is best to avoid any tight-fitting articles that can suffocate your skin and make it difficult to fully relax. Loose-fitting clothes will allow your body to breathe and soak up the full benefits of our sensual massage services.

Communicate with your Masseuse

If you are booking an erotic massage service with us to target a particular ailment, you should discuss this with your chosen massage therapist before your session. Whether you are seeking relief in a particular joint or muscle, or would like the area to be avoided, some sensual attention can provide a pleasurable solution. Our trained specialists are able to adapt their sessions to suit the needs of individual clients, so just communicate this with them beforehand. 

You may be booking a tantric massage with us for the first time or have some anxieties around the services, in which case our masseuses are open-minded to discuss your questions or worries. No two massages are the same as everyone enjoys differing levels of intimacy. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about customising your massage experience as your personal massage therapist will deliver the service you want exactly how you want it. 

Remember it is about Pleasure and Connection

Above all else, enjoy the unique experience that you are having with a gorgeous lady. Tantric massage is of course about the sexual satisfaction you can gain, but it is just as important to appreciate the special connection you will have through mind and body. It is not uncommon in tantric practices to meditate before engaging in an erotic massage, which can be carried out alone or as a pair. This can help you both leave everything exterior outside of the session and find connection to each other before your bodies have even touched. 

Book a Tantric Massage 

With so many benefits to tantric massage, you would be missing out if you didn’t book one of our professional massage services. It is easy to prepare for a session if you know what to expect from your masseuse and her services, so follow our list of tips and make your Tantric X massage experience one you’ll never forget.