5 Health Benefits of a Body-to-Body Massage

A body-to-body massage has a whole range of benefits that aids your physical, mental and sexual health. Receiving an erotic massage is nothing to be ashamed of and is essential to heightening your passion for your sexual partner.

If you're in London, our girls can help you reach better orgasms or provide some sweet relief after a stressful day at work. Our therapists offer a range of services that will take your body to the ultimate sensual state, with a few extras along the way.

Helps with Arousal

Scientifically speaking, a massage increases blood and lymph circulation. What that means for you, however, is that you get better blood flow for a more robust erection within men or stimulate women within their more sensitive parts. 

Specific techniques can also help heighten your sexual arousal. Ask for a belly rub in the spot located two finger spaces down from the belly button to improve relaxation. Why not let Becky and her friends play with your pressure points to inspire superior sensuality? 

For those who battle erectile dysfunction, a massage on the lower back or sacrum can help you maintain an erection to feel the ultimate sexual satisfaction you crave.

More satisfying orgasms

Not only can a massage help men reach an orgasm, but it also increases the likelihood of a female orgasm. An article in Cosmopolitan features the perspectives of women who achieve better quality orgasms through a tantric massage. They discuss therapists working their way day down their body slowly until they finish.

Alternatively, if you and your partner want better orgasms and to introduce a third party into the mix, why don't you partake in our couples massages and let Natalie enhance your relationship? 

Increased sexual appetite

Not only can our stunning girls help sustain your sexual appetite, but their massages will also improve it. Massages boost the production of serotonin, testosterone and oxytocin, so your body is full of all those chemicals that may make you feel good. This helps you in the long-term, sensual benefits lasting anywhere between two days to a week, allowing you to perform in the bedroom at home or elsewhere. 

Make sure you regularly visit your therapist if you want longer-lasting results for your sexual appetite. 

Reduces anxiety and stress

It is important to remember the state of your mental health feeds into your sexual life, and you will be pleased to know massages are a secure way to improve your mind.

If the pressures of day-to-day life are getting too much and you want to seek a more physical form of therapy, then one of our massages is essential to getting your life back on track. A tantric massage lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, combating the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Greater Flexibility 

Physically you will feel fantastic after one of our massages. Therapists will enhance your circulation and help relax those muscles that have become so tightly wound up. You will soon have all the flexibility needed to party all night with girls like Fiona and achieve greater sexual pleasure for yourself. 

As mentioned before, if you have a partner, why not explore your flexibility together and learn everything our expert girls know how to teach you?-the hands-on way, that is!

Deciding on a therapist 

So you're convinced of the health benefits a body-to-body massage can give you? Are you looking forward to seeing the changes within your sensuality? Head to Tantric X's drop down menu to choose your type of massage and book! booking page and browse through our sensual and erotic massages. 

If you want your massage ASAP and to get to know your therapist a bit better before you meet her, why don't you become a member? Enjoy the perks we offer to improve your life and massage experience!