5 Benefits Of Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric massage can be one of the most enriching experiences for a couple to indulge together. At Tantric X, we offer a couples massage service that introduces new ideas in a safe, non-judgemental environment for both parties. With the guiding hand of a beautiful, trained masseuse, you can reap the benefits of tantric massage that can have long-lasting effects on your lives and your relationship. Let’s take a closer, more intimate look at 5 benefits of tantric massage for couples: 

Learn New Techniques 

Professional masseuses are experts in the giving and receiving of pleasure, and you could learn a thing or two from just a few minutes in their company. If you can be mindful of what arouses your partner during your shared massage, you will pick up new techniques to try out yourselves. Our masseuses at Tantric X have a long list of sensual techniques, some of which you may not have considered before. If part of your couples massage session involves one partner joining in with its delivery, you can experiment with your new techniques there and then. Perhaps it’s a certain hand movement or the introduction of ice cubes or sensual toys that drives your partner’s desires. Whatever path you choose with your shared massage, you will both learn plenty of new techniques to try out on each other. 

Become Closer with your Partner 

You will have heard masseuses referred to as ‘massage therapists’ before, and that’s not by accident. A highly trained masseuse can be even more beneficial than a relationship counsellor if you are experiencing tensions or stresses together. Erotic massage is a wonderful treat for anyone, even in a solo session, but the massage itself will flood you both with relief simultaneously. Taking a break from your everyday stresses to do something pleasurable together can bring you the emotional and physical closeness that may have been neglected. 

Make you more Comfortable with Each Other 

Vulnerability can be a difficult emotion to share with your partner, especially if you are worried about what they may think. Tantric massage allows both partners to experience the same state of vulnerability together, which will naturally make you feel a little nervous. However, this lets you both know that you can be adventurous together, whether this be inside or outside of the bedroom. Getting out of your comfort zone is reassuring to know that your partner will be by your side every step of the way. 

A Safe Way to Explore with your Partner

It can be a challenge to step into polyamorous practices or explore new ideas with your partner if you don’t have the right connections. Tantric massage provides a safe environment for you to try out new dynamics with a beautiful masseuse as your guide. Finding a third member to introduce to your relationship online or even in everyday life can present a lot of anxieties. One of the main benefits of our services is the non-judgemental atmosphere that our professional massage therapists create, therefore you are free to explore each other without any anxiety. 

The Start of a Longer Journey 

Polyamory can be complicated to experiment with, but tantric massage provides a non-committal way to take your first steps into it as a couple. The main thing you will leave your sensual session with is a boost in confidence when it comes to opening up your relationship. Once you have started your journey with a couples massage, who knows what route your love life will take? 

Book a Couples Massage Service Today

Take your pick of booking one or two stunning masseuses to guide you and your partner through this erotic bonding experience. Even spending an hour together with one of our experts will leave you with some of the benefits we have discussed here.

For a real step outside your comfort zone, book an incall service that will allow you and your partner to go to your chosen masseuse’s place. Alternatively, if you would prefer to stay in your home surroundings for your session, our girls can come to you on outcall bookings. However you choose to explore your relationship together, you only stand to benefit from this sensitive, intimate experience.