4 Benefits Of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage takes a similar approach to body to body massage in which your masseuse uses her naked body to treat yours. The difference with a nuru massage is the use of heated gel composed of nori seaweed extract and botanical extracts. The application of this gel alone provides a whole multitude of benefits before we even start to explore the erotic benefits. If you're already intrigued by the thought of such an experience with one of our many nuru massage specialists, then why not read on to find out more the benefits that come with it.

Anti-aging Benefits

The warm gel is responsible for this benefit with its multitude of hidden abilities. It breaks down collagen which results in lines and wrinkles being erased, making you look younger. In addition to this, it reduces inflammation in your skin which boosts your skin’s renewal process and repairs it more effectively. The end result is you have a brighter skin tone from eliminating dark spots and preventing any abnormalities in skin pigmentation. Due to the gel being odourless and transparent, the only trace of it working its magic will be your glowing appearance. 

Mental Health Boost 

Nuru massage stimulates the production of several positive neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin. The human body generally responds positively to intimate physical touch, therefore nuru massage is the perfect medicine for giving your mind a boost. The hormones that get released have a direct effect on depression, anxiety and sleep, which makes nuru an alternative route to healing your mind. 

This service also relieves stress by relaxing your muscles into a state of bliss. If you usually keep to a busy schedule with little downtime to enjoy, nuru massage can help to reset and rejuvenate you. A study of London-based nuru massage clients found that over 80% feel an improvement in mental well-being after nuru massage. The mental health benefits are there to see - it’s just a matter of claiming them. 

Breaks Down Intimacy Issues

Nuru massage - just like body to body - is extremely intimate by nature. Your masseuse is sliding and rubbing her naked body over yours with incredibly stimulating techniques. This isn’t ideal for everyone though, as some clients harbour unresolved traumas surrounding intimacy. Victims of physical or sexual abuse can find regular intimacy a challange later in life, which is why nuru massage offers a safe environment to begin healing these wounds. At Tantric X, our masseuses are highly skilled, sensitive girls who are able to craft bespoke massage sessions that cater for every specific need of their clients. So if you are struggling with any intimacy issues, a nuru massage from one of our friendly, beautiful massage therapists could start your pathway towards intimate pleasure.

Safely Explore your Sexual Tastes

Both men and women are welcome to sample our superb nuru massage and embrace their sexual energy. It can be difficult to find a partner who is willing to experiment with different forms of intimacy in the ways that tantric massage facilitates. That is why our girls are open-minded professionals who love cultivating safe environments to explore. Massage is a non-committal way to push your boundaries and discover new methods of finding pleasure in the bedroom. Nuru is a safe, trusting, intimate and even loving experience that can have long-lasting effects on how you indulge intimacy. 

Book a Nuru Massage Today

If you would like to try nuru massage out for the first time and reap all of the benefits we have discussed here, please get in contact to enquire. At Tantric X, we have a gorgeous selection of girls who are extremely talented in their profession. To get the ultimate nuru experience, book one of our beautiful masseuses today and start your tantric massage journey into pleasure.