4 Benefits Of 4 Hands Massage

4 hands massage has risen to popularity recently and many lucky gentlemen and ladies are reaping its benefits. Rather than a standard massage between yourself and a beautiful masseuse, 4 hands massage allows you to double the pleasure and relaxation. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have two stunning girls massaging every inch of your body simultaneously? That is exactly what 4 hands massage offers. It offers unique benefits to your health and sensual satisfaction that other tantric massage services simply can’t. By unlocking an extra pair of highly skilled hands, you also unlock your body’s full capacity for pleasure and relaxation.

Before you head over to our four hands massage gallery to book two beautiful masseuses, let’s take a look at the key benefits of such an experience: 

Relax & Let Go 

If you haven’t had a 4 hands massage before, your first time may feel slightly overwhelming to begin with. Your brain is only accustomed to keeping track of one pair of hands during a massage, however, it now has to keep track of two. As hard as you may try to track the movements of each beautiful masseuse across your body, your mind will eventually surrender to the pleasure that they are delivering and allow you to be completely present in the moment. 

This is especially beneficial if you have any underlying issues around control or simply switching your mind off from your day-to-day stresses. What better way to let go of your busy week than to indulge an hour or two in the capable hands of two highly trained professional masseuses? 

Infinitely More Erotic 

If you have sampled our tantric massage services before or even taken a glance at our gallery of girls, you will know how erotic our one-on-one massages are. 4 hands massage doubles the eroticism to levels that you probably won’t have experienced before. The sensual gratification you will leave your session with is unparalleled by any other service, which makes 4 hands massage the most erotic and satisfying massage available. 

Better and Faster Blood Flow

Having one skilled massage therapist applying her catalogue of techniques to your body will certainly aid in treating and relaxing any ailments or tensions you have. The benefit of having 4 trained hands working away is the concentration of both pressure and pleasure on your problem areas. The simultaneous massage can increase blood flow to your desired areas and help your recovery at twice the rate. Imagine all of the regular physical benefits of massage then double them. 

Our masseuses are experts at working in tandem with each other, so they can synchronise their efforts to provide you with a bespoke experience that is tailored to your needs. They can concentrate on one area at the same time to increase your blood flow dramatically and treat any tension more efficiently. Alternatively, they can focus their attention on separate parts of your body at once, which will really invite your mind to surrender control to your two gorgeous companions. 

A More Complete Massage

Our girls are skilled in multiple massage disciplines, which not only makes them excellent masseuses but allows them to select the correct techniques for specific areas of your body. As one girl employs Indian head massage to relax your head and shoulders, the other can use Swedish massage techniques on your lower back to relieve knots and tension. With a 4 hands massage, you receive a complete treatment that utilises multiple expert techniques at once. For this reason, it is certainly value for money owing to the holistic and adaptive approach our girls take. 

Book a 4 Hands Massage with Tantric X 

If you can resist doubling up on two beautiful masseuses no longer, book a 4 hands massage at Tantric X and discover the benefits for yourself. This service has many benefits for your physical, mental and sensual wellbeing, which is why so many people are never returning to regular one-on-one sessions. Get in touch by calling or texting to book two of our girls for the ultimate massage experience. We look forward to altering your perceptions of what erotic massage is capable of.